Isle of Ewe

Following the journey of Belle, Isle of Ewe is a third person adventure game with sheep! Carry sheep, throw sheep, stack sheep, rescue sheep and use them to solve puzzles along the way.

What is Isle of Ewe?

The mysterious disappearance of troublemaker, Ramsey sparks the journey of Belle. Collect, throw and bounce from sheep to sheep across the rich game world to find Ramsey. But be careful, as nature is always hiding challenges…

Similar to action adventure games of the late 90’s, the player must platform, solve puzzles, collect items and gain new abilities to quest along our many environments and have fun along the way.

For a closer look at the game visit: The Gallery

About Us

Our Background

We are an independent group of developers who have worked on this game over the course of the year to create an in depth game that had pushed all our skills as creators. All 7 of us come from QUT, studying the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments. We set out to make an ambitious title that will bring smiles to many others.

How Can You Get Involved?

Interested in our Talented Team?

Please don’t be shy to contact any of us! If you are interested to hire or even ask questions about the project, all our contact details can be found here:


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